Sass in the Thrift Shop


A Pixie Photo (NSFW) featuring the Super Sybian by Salacity

Level UP! Featuring Haus of Ito and Cacti

Dark Side 2 still open, with items from Duvet Day and LX

Planet Warrior releases from CnZ

Goodies from Glitterati, plus Relay for Life with Dark Passion Koffin Nails at the Fantasy Fair!

Level Up! Is open again this month! Featurning Dafnis and Shoegasm

A pixie photo: Darkside 2 Featuring Bee Lingerie

Haus of Ito is at the Designer's Circle!

Stuff Style Sales Gift from Emberotic, Hairology at Tameless,Livia atDarks Side 2 and Koffin Nails at the Black Fashion Fair Event!

Mistique's new releases!

Dark Side 2 Event Featuring Pinup: Pixie the Maid

Sweet Kajira Around the grid: Sweet, sultry items for you to enjoy!

Evil Bunny Productions Presents Dark Side 2 Featuring Adris King and a gift from Bee Lingerie!

Salacity's Frat Couch and Sole Mate Pose: Fun times with Pixie and Blake

Pixie's Decor Picks: Dark Side 2 starts tomorrow! With decor from That Chick

Pixie's Wardrobe Picks: InspirationSL Event Featuring Lucky Night and Pink Rayne Poses

Pixie's Photo Picks: Ostara's Altar Featuring Livid, Lore and Poseidon