Sweet Kajira on the Grid!

Haus of Ito around the grid!

Pretty in Pink with FlowerDreams

Pretties with Petit Chat, Anny's Fashions and Kix Furniture

Puppies! Shoes! New Outfits! with Salacity, Haus of Ito and Shake

Beach Life with Sass

Apple Heart, !IT! at the Designer's Circle and Caly's Kaleidoscope @ Reflected Dreams Mall

Shoot 'Em up With Salacity, plus May Project with Miss Jewell

A Pixie Picture: Featuring Ashmoot, Inspirations of the Erinys, and Percent

Sweet Kajira on the grid, plus petit chat jewelry!

Kitty Creations: Sexy new releases, all yours for 35L each!

Spring Projects- With Miss Jewell's May Project Hunt and many more!

Pink Pixiegirl with Tameless, Whymiscal, and Hudson's

Sass in the Thrift Shop