12 Days of Christmas by Simply Shelby 11/18-1/2/2017

Hello Lovelies!

Turkeys have been gobbled, giblets gibbled and gravy gargled. (Okay, that last one might only be relevant to my family--I'm looking at you Uncle Marty). This can only  mean one thing.

❄Christmas Hunts are HERE!❄
Yes, that's right.  If you're anything like me, (my condolences) you basically have to sit on your hands to keep yourself from decking the halls and such any time before Thanksgiving.  I decided to keep this torture up in Second Life as well, and went looking for a Christmas-themed hunt as soon as my pixie wings could get to it.  

Simply Shelby did not disappoint.  A quick, in-sim 12 1L hunt, leaving me with oodles of goodies to kick off my first Christmas in Second Life.  (You can find start the hunt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Abbey%20Glen/160/108/759)

The task was easy.  Find 12 1L gifts scattered across the Sim.  This was my first time over to Simply Shelby's.  Their focus is decor, with little enclosed two-story porches organizing their items.  It took me a few rounds to realize their was a second story on most of the buildings, so be sure to look up!  (The retro oven up in one of the buildings is ADORABLE!)


If you follow a trail, you end up in Simply Shelby's  Seasonal area, filled with the cutest little animals celebrating the holidays, surrounded by quaint storefronts from A Christmas Carol.  The only thing missing were some cobblestone streets!  I may have squealed a little at the deer hanging around in the snow, the Christmas lights around the trees were such a nice touch. 

12 gifts were gathered! But not before I stumbled upon an extra little treat! Starting December 1st, it looks as though you can come back and participate in an Advent Calendar. I can't wait to see what that's all about.


After finding the gifts and waving my goodbye to the HUGE troll (I put him on my Christmas wish list for Santa) I headed back to my pad to unpack my goodies.  

Check it out! My personal favorite: The punch bowl full of eggnog, suddenly I'm thirsty.  (Table was not included in the hunt prizes).  There were holiday themed gifts, as well as really detailed plants and a HUGE sunflower painting (not pictured).  Plenty for those both in the spirit of the holidays, and for those that need non-seasonal items. 


Check out the hunt and let me know what you think! What was your favorite gift?