KiX Aura Adult Living Room Collection-- On Sale!

KiX Aura Adult Living Room Collection
Hello Lovelies! -

I am a bit of a furniture nut, always on the hunt for a good deal. I was recently informed that KiX is having sale on their Aura Adult Living Room Collection. Now through November 28th,  head to their in-world store, where you can find this set for half off!  The set is all original mesh, with original animations to suit all of your needs.  PG and Adult versions are available.  What could be better? Each piece of this set can be purchased separately as well.  The textures are beautiful, the choices are vibrant and detailed.  I picked the blue, very rich, and matched beautifully with the rug. 

The footstool has five single poses, complete with a a few special props to play with.  (My favorite, Tai Chi).  The colors and shadowing on this little guy is great. A fun addition to your living room for sure!


 The couch has a multitude of single, couple and adult poses, along with some really special goodies. Soothe your sweet tooth with some ice cream on the couch!

"Yes Pixie, those poses are all well and good, but show me the adult ones!", you say.  Stay tuned next post for those reviews, including the deliciousness that is that radiator. (Who knew one could have so much fun on a radiator?).  Until then, hop on over to Kix and check out the sale!  (



  1. Like the style, great shots of the item and love the description ~ might have to go over there and grab this for me & hubby LOL..good job

  2. I'm glad you like it Starr! I agree, it's a great set to play on!


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