KiX Aura Set Continued- The Adult Rated Version (A Radiator Love Story)

I'm back Lovelies!

Yesterday I told you all about the deal going on Kik's Aura Adult Living Room Collection, which now through Monday the 28th you can stop by there store for a 1/2 off sale, snagging it for 600L.  (Check out their store here:

  It was time to test out the all  original  adult poses, so I grabbed a dear friend, David, to test out the poses with me.  I didn't have to twist his arm too hard! 

 We started out with the piece of furniture that piqued my interest the most, the radiator. Now, I'm from the Southern United States, where radiators are non existent, so I'll be honest, seeing one in added to a living room set left me scratching my head a little.  The menu has two poses, a hugs option (The inseparable hug pose is seen above) and an adult option.  All my questions were soon answered after a few minutes of digging around, and if this is a sampling of what one does with a radiator, this southerner definitely needs one installed in her abode! And a bonus? Naughty facial expressions that can be toggled off and on seamlessly add to the fun!

 After a steamy moment or two at the radiator, we settled onto the couch to test out the poses there.  Plenty of casual poses, a bunch of props (try the popcorn option, extra butter) as well as a plethora of adult poses are stored within the cushions of the couch.  These range from gentle "warm up" poses, playful spankings, to poses you probably need a good stretch beforehand for.  

As for for further details? Well, a pixie never kisses and tells, but I will share a picture (or two).

I really hope you enjoy the set as much as I did! Drop a comment to let me know your favorite spots to play on in the set!