Advent Chase Hunt Decor Guide (Runs December 1st-December 25th)

Hello Lovelies!

It's me again! Fresh from the fabulous Advent Chase Hunt, organized by Gardenia Events (For more information click here to go to their website.  You'll find a slew of information regarding all sorts of events they throw!

 Like most hunts, the people at Gardenia events provide a list of locations and hints (click here). Each store has at least one little advent candle hidden somewhere.  Blue candles indicate gifts suited for men, pink candles for women, and white little lights are geared for everyone, or may have both a male and female gift within.  All for 0L! Can't get any better than that!

One of my first hunts was from Gardenia.  I was pleased to see new-to-me stores on the list.  51 places leaving this pixie in candle heaven!

What's in the candles? I went home and unpacked my goods, oohing and ahhing at the items.  I thought it would be handy to create a little visual guides for my dear readers. Up first, a little decor!  These items were found within the hunt, at the time of this being published (some stores weren't quite ready the first time through this hunt).  Some not pictured will be featured in other posts, so stay tuned!  The numbers on the guide correlate to the stores on the list.  Click each store for their in-world link!

 8. The Art Barn -Chickadee Stained glass window, Cookie and hot cocoa set, and tree (not pictured)   You guys, this was my favorite little decor set.  I love the hot cocoa and cookie tray, and the chickadee tree is super cute (I will have that in another photo...stay tuned!)

9. Que Rico- Marquee Noel lights, in two different sizes in bright vibrant green.

 10. North Moon -This simple chair holds an adorable candy cane pose (stay tuned!)

11. Reflected Dreams Gallery of Art  -The herd of snowpeople hides a Santa, a "Where's Waldo?" throwback. The frame is lovely! (What does one call a herd of snowpeople?)

14. PreCast -Cutest little wooden Christmas tree, coming in multiple sizes.  I love the textures on these.

20.  styled@random- Holiday rugs, because your floor needs some lovin' too! This design comes in multiple shades. Check them out!

22. unmisTaAble wedding's- treated us to a fancy candle display. Fair warning, putting these up in your dining hall, I'll be over at your place for dinner!

31.  Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop      - isn't this floral wreath pretty? I was able to resize it, and the quality stayed the same!

33. Winx Trivium  This chair made me giggle. A perfect little addition to a quiet library, or corner of the room. A multitude of sitting poses.

39. Game Over - This chalkboard display comes with snowballs on each side. A bonus! 

41. Spider's Design- Oh this gnome tree! The soft lights surrounding the branches! Resizeable. So cute.

45. Imagine Flowers and Design- stacked Christmas boxes, guarded by a little gingerbread man, especially "For You". 

46.  Sophisticate-  These were one of the last things I unpacked. I am certain I'll keep these out all year long.  Such a nice touch!

48. Cala - I had never seen anything like this piece of wall art.  It's animated, moving slowly across the wall.

That, my dear readers, is a wrap! Let me know how you like the guide in the comments!  Stay tuned, this pixie gets dressed up in some Advent Chase hunt finery!