Advent Chase Hunt Wardrobe Guide

Hello Again!

So, someone around here, who will remain nameless, has a little shopping habit.  The BEST thing about hunts, is that I can feed into my habit, without owning my soul to Governor Linden. The Advent Chase Hunt by Gardenia Events provided me with a few great outfits for the holiday season.  (Check out my previous post detailing decor)

Advent Chase Hunt 2016
Wardrobe Guide

 Each square has a number, which correlates to the location and hints list found on the Gardenia websie (click here for that link).  Below, the store where the outfit can be found (click on the name for the SL SURL) and a bit of pixie commentary!

1. VindictiveThis snowflake dress is covered in well, snowflakes.  The soft blue texture looks great against the white

4. Sweet DreamsThe sequins in this dress shimmer, helping the metallic gold Christmas tree pop. A few bangles and gold earrings, and you're good to go with this one!

5. Black and White- This is a shirt and short set, that also comes with a pair of flip flops.  I am in love with the style and design of this one.

6. Miss Jewell- This little number sparkles a deep ruby red.  What I like about this design- the fur is detachable around the skirt, cuffs and neckline.  Versatile!

7. House of Ruby-   This top is unisex! You and your significant other can hit all the Christmas parties, egg-nog it up, matching.  No one will think that's creepy at me.

21. Sweet E's Design  -  This candy cane design formal gown has a high slit right up the front.  Va va voom!

There are many more stops, with many more outfits and goodies to find.  What was your favorite? I'd love to hear about them!