Bad Katz Winter Solstice (December 1st-31st) Pixie's First December Huntie!

Hello Lovelies!

Elbow deep in length month long events, I'm always on the lookout for what I jokingly call a huntie.  A quick mini hunt, preferably store/sim wide that I can get done, unpacked and organized typically within one setting.  The Bad Katz Winter Solstice Hunt is the first December huntie for this pixiegirl.

Not only are the 6 items free (woot), the sim is beautifully decorated with holiday cheer.  Spend time ice skating on the pond, catching SL snowflakes on your SL tongue.  They have treats scattered about the SIM as well. (Good thing SL food is calorie free!)

I spent a lovely bit of time hanging out on this bench, contemplating Second Life. (Ok, so I just thought it was pretty enough to sit upon)

Have you ever said to yourself, "Self.....I need more yard ornaments for Christmas"?  I do!  After unpacking these gifts, I discovered within the boxes these adorable little penguins, gingerbread, an xmas sign and the sweetest little rabbit...not to mention a stocking large enough for your naughty or nice Second life moose. You do have a Second Life moose, don't you?

So, that's it for this first huntie of the month.  Don't miss out on all these goodies!