Feel My Sack 3.0 Hunt Decor Guide (Dec 5th- Dec 31st)

Hello Lovelies!

Feel my Sack 3.0 is a hunt run by Gossip Events.  Lots of 1L stops, with gifts ranging from decor, to poses, to outfits.  Like many hunts, Gossip events provides links and hints on their website. (Click here for that link)

One of my favorite things about hunts are exploring new-to-me stores.  I was really happy to see quite a few on this list that I hadn't been to before.

Each store had hidden a cute little gingerbread to find, with a little over 30 stops!

Below is a handy little decor guide!  The number next to each item represents the number assigned on the hunt list.  Below that, a little interactive list! Click the store's name to find the SURL, along with a little commentary from yours truly.

Stores and stuff!

4. Kix- This wreath looks innocent enough, but knowing what I know about Kix (see this review) I was very happy to pop this little wreath on my wall.  Sure to their name, their original animations were loaded right into it. Hugs and plenty of adult animations to keep you on the naughty list!
6. Mesh Agency-
This bright little Christmas tree lights up a room! Vibrant presents and the prettiest start on top!   
8. Que Rico-
this thistle wreath is a great addition to your wall!
10. StoraxTree-
Do you have someone that likes simple lines? This modern tree shines in blue and sliver, with a blue vase attached to the side
15. Stitches Creation-
There's more to this HUGE stack of gifts than meets the eye, it's loaded with 9 unique sitting poses!  Perfect for showing off your Christmas wardrobe.
18. Shh! It's a Secret-
I think this is my favorite item in this hunt.  It's the cutest tree, with a dancing hippo, while her friend is chased by an elf.  The lights on the tree blink,  and the little angel up on top shines brightly.
20. Myth-
You know your buddy, the one that likes the metallic tree? They are going to like this hanging as well. 
29. Dramazone
This.....this one left me speechless.  As a matter of fact, I rezzed him and for a moment went "Nope." It took a bit of courage to poke around on this unsavory Santa, but once I did I was pleseantly surprised, 10 sassy animations, ranging from snuggling up to the old guy to hanging out in his sack of....goodness me I'm hoping those are all presents.
31. WinterSuperWonderland- I love the fact that the little santa on this weather vain moves about.  36 Twighlight's Design- A beautiful snow scene, with animated falling snow, framed beautifully.

That's it for the decor guide on this one! Stay tuned, I'll have the wardrobe guide, along with a few other surprises!

Have fun finding these!