Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Hunt (December 1st-31st) Sneak Peak

Hello Lovelies!

I've got a little treat for you today! A little elf left a few boxes under my tree last night (read: left in my inbox).  Three items that you'll find at the Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Hunt,  Organized by I&R's Fun with Hunts.  You can click here for their website. If you like what you see below, click on the store's name, it'll give you the store's location.

 First up, a BEAUTIFUL sleigh from the folks over at StoraxTreeIt's loaded full with presents in the back, seats two and has a handful of sitting poses.  Now all I need is my own herd of reindeer and I'm all set to deliver Second Life gifts to the masses!

*Frantically adds "REINDEER to her wish list to Santa

 Unwrapping the next little package, I found this strappy red little number from Sweet IntoxicationIt comes in various sizes for all body types.  Score! 

Next up, a pair of flats from  Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes.  These flats are adorned with ribbons and come in multiple sizes!  Perfect for your casual outfits.

What a treat!  I'll have more items from this hunt over the next few weeks! What has been you favorite item? I'd love to hear about it!