Winter's Hollow- the darker side of winter (December 16th- January 3rd)

We all have that second life uncle, the one that shows up to second life family events in camouflage, looking for his latest victim to corner into furthest point of the house, sadly far away from the self serve eggnog bar to tell tall, tales of hunting conquests past, don't we?  With exaggerated gestures, Uncle Marty starts the  yearly story of the "One that ALMOST got away".  You slip away as politely as you can, feigning a coughing fit, or a sudden bout of the plague or something, before he can drag you into a reenactment....again. 

 I have finally found the PERFECT addition to my Christmas decor that I know Uncle Marty will adore.  Winter's Hollow Eventrunning from the 16th of December to January 3rd has the darkest little reindeer mounts by Angelic Designs.. To make the collection complete, they REALLY got off the naughty list by adding Santa.  The shadow detail on these are great, adding dimension to an already detailed piece of work.  They are resizable, which makes it easy to find a place for them to hang proudly.

I'm sure you're going to love them as much as I do!  It's probably not going to keep you from being cornered by a crazy uncle, but at least you'll have something fun to look a while he's talking.

Look for these and more at the event!