Pixie's Decor Picks: Kix Creations- New Release!

 Hello Darlings!

 Our friends over at Kix Creations released an awesome new rugs.

But this rug isn't just your run of the mill rug. Who needs that? This rug comes in two versions, adult and PG.  Each rug has unique, exclusive animations that Kix is known for.

Tise and I enjoyed a lovely champagne toast to celebrate her new promotion on mine.     

The rose comes in different styles, Rose (pictured) Plaid and Fur for those roughing it types.  Each style has different texture choices and the ability to set access.  The choices and combination of goodies such as chocolates, candles, balloons, and exclusive single and couples animations such as "toast" (pictured above) are so smooth.  There's even a lover's sequence in the adult version. Score!

 You can pick up the PG version for 399L.  The adult version comes with the PG version, for 699L