Pixie Poses: The Best Is Yet to Come- Featuring Something New

Normally, when I need photo guinea pig, I call upon Tise.  She'll idly sit and hang out while I do things like, delete her photography skybox, or somehow throw a script.  

But today my friends, I had to call upon David.  David is always more than willing to pose for things with me, or anyone else for that matter.  

Gacha Good's  Event, The Best is Yet to Come is still going on! Now through the 15th, you can find fun gachas and exclusives.  Something New provides both at this event.  One of the gachas, from the Forgotten Poses collection, Enticed is a fun, sexy little pose just for two. 

Pixie's Pose includes:
Entice pose from Something New (Gacha at the Gacha Good Event)
Brii Fashion Underground: Brenda Outfit
Truth Hair: Lyma
Maitreya Body: Lara
Danika Skin: Lush, peachy beach
Faeline Fairy wings: Masami (fire)
 Taken at my private residence

David Wears:
He doesn't remember, but thinks it's from Red Panda (oy...men) 

Head on over there and see what else you can find!