Pixie's Decor Picks: Sass Buildz and Kitty Creations


Today We've got something just a little bit different for you my darlings!  Our friends at Sass do so much more than fashion.  Sass also builds over at Sass buildz.  This month, they are participating in the Twe12ve event, providing a house for 499L and two lovely planters for 99L.

I've paired this house and plant trio with another March find I've discovered.  Kitty Creations has made an Irish inspired fountain and bench set, perfect for the front yard!  The Irish Fairy Fountain, has a darling fairy sitting at it's base, surrounded by a circle of clover.  The bench has multiple poses and props, perfect for a spring day! You'll love it even more when I tell you it's 1L!  Just fly over there, find the hint for the Luck of the Irish Hunt and find your prize*

Below are some photos for you to peruse and enjoy! More details, of course, are at the bottom of the blog!

Pixie's Photo Includes:
House: The lucky house (27LI/32x15m), by Sass Buildz (27LI)
Plants: Planter Spring V1 (2LI) & V2 (6LI)  
Fountain: Fairy Fountain and foliage by Kitty Creations (11LI) 

Enjoy darlings!

*Please note that the Sweet Intoxication's Luck of the Irish Hunt was not able to start, due to RL reasons.  But that doesn't stop you from getting this great deal!