Salacity's Frat Couch and Sole Mate Pose: Fun times with Pixie and Blake

This one was a fun one.

I rezzed the couch, and called up Blake to help me with the photos.  For a few moments, I set up the scene.

"Blake, what do I need for a frat house? Pizza? Movies?"
"Women, pixie. Women. And pizza. And maybe a video game"

I paused and thought, the started tossing a few items I found on the marketplace around in attempt to trash up the place a bit.

"What's that apple doing on the floor? There would not be fruit inside a frat house" he scoffed.

Fine. Get scurvy. I thought, as I deleted it off the floor.

I present to you, the frat house couch by Salacity.  This couch is OVERSTUFFED *snickers* with  multiple original solo and couple poses for your enjoyment.  Blake decided to give it a spin.

I didn't let him get too comfortable, we also had a new pose to try out.

"Uh, Blake, jump on that pose ball will you?" I said, innocently.

He obeyed.  Which is good. Because suddenly the little tables had turned and this pixiegirl was put into the power position.

Salacity's Sole Mate photo was really fun to shoot, where for about five minutes I was the boss.  Drunk on power I spent the rest of the day bossing everyone around, including the prim cat.

Fun stuff! Head over to Salacity for more information!

Pixie's Photos include:

On Blake
Shirt and Shorts: Baggy Shorts M Slink and Jersey Beer Slink by Distort
Shoes:Martin Boots Low for Male by ::Roc::
Body - Slink Physique Male
Head - Logo Ethan
Hair - Exile Adam - Sin
Skin - Labyrinth - Russell - Dark Tone
Ears - Mandala Omimi Stretched Ears
Eyes - Ikon - Triumph Eyes - Fjord
On Pixie:
Outfit: Criminal Police in pink by Zenith
Hair: Arden by Truth Hair
Head: Simone by Lelutka
Skin: Girl Next door series, Lush, peachy beach by Danika
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Pose: Soul Mates by Salacity
Frat House Couch by Salacity