A Pixie Picture: Featuring Ashmoot, Inspirations of the Erinys, and Percent

Hello Darlings!

Things are moving right along this May, with lots of fun things to show you.

A lovely little group gift from Ashmoot, a beautiful blue bralette, avaliable is avaliable at their store this month when you join. (Click here for that link).  I love the lace fabric across the hips and below the bra line, so pretty and sweet.

If you glance behind the bed, there's a little grouping of items I thought my dear readers would enjoy.  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

 You'll see a piece from Tisephone, artist at the Inspirations of the Erinys.   Vibrant colors mix together to form the Taste of the Erotic.  The gallery is one that has recently moved, expanding at the new Reflected Dreams Mall.  Spend some time looking in and out of the shops for your decor to suit your needs.  They are currently running a special, for lease holders, pay for 3 weeks of rent, you get your 4th week free!  I'm also part of their blogging group, ready to blog store items, using blogotex.  (Contact me for more details!)

%Percent is participating in the Peace by Peace Hunt this month.  They have created a lovely peace cabinet, with doors that open and close.  I think the inlay within the peace symbol is my favorite, it has a colorful, bright detail. Best yet, it's only 1L!

Pixie's Photo Includes:
On Pixie:
Outfit: Group bralette by Ashmoot
Hair: Sparkle by Truth
Pose: Within the PrimPossible Ultimate Bed
Click here for the basic body credits
Artwork: Taste of the Erotic by Inspirations of the Erinys
Dresser: Peace Cabinet by %Percent
Photos taken at Private Residence