Kitty Creations: Sexy new releases, all yours for 35L each!

Hello Darlings!

Kitty Creations has just released a multitude of loveliness, which gives this pixie something to purr about!

All of these items are new releases, and now until Thursday, they can be yours for 35L.  (They will go back to full price after then.

First up, Ready for Trouble is an outfit perfect for those days when you're looking for mischief.  The bolo type jacket, adorable top, sexy jeans and boots make this outfit complete!  This comes in 9 colors, fitted for 5 standard sizes and mesh bodies for that perfect fit!
 Pixie is wearing:
Outfit: Ready for Trouble (red) by Kitty Creations
Hair: Honest by Magika
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Taken at: Wildcat Country

Next up, if you're looking to appease your soft and gentle side, Morwen will suit you just fine! This empire waist dress comes with a beautiful diadem, giving a little bling to the outfit. It's available in 8 beautiful colors!

 Pixie is wearing:
Outfit: Morwen by Kitty Creations
Hair: Lyma by Truth
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Taken at:  Aero Pines

Both of these items come with a lovely necklace.  Let's take a closer look!

If you're needing to wear a bit less, how about this harness? The Own her is suitably named, coming in 8 colors to match you (or your owner's tastes).  Sizes for mesh bodies: Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique
Pixie is wearing:
Outfit: Own her (black and silver) by Kitty Creations
Hair: Sparkle by Magika
Other furniture:
Peace Cabinet by %Percent and Taste of the erotic art by Inspirations of the Erinys
(post to come out soon about these awesome products!)
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Taken at: Private Residence  

 Shanley comes in 9 colors, with embossed leather straps.  You're going to love how this fits! 9 amazing colors!

 Pixie is wearing:
Outfit: Shanley by Kitty Creations
Hair: Arden by Magika
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Taken at private residence
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