Pretties with Petit Chat, Anny's Fashions and Kix Furniture

Hello Darlings!

Anny's Fashions is featured in this month's Fit Mesh Designer's Expose. They have this adorable Mayo dress, with a hud that allows you to change the color and pattern to your liking.  It's simple, fresh and fun!

I paired it with items from Petit Chat,  Flowery Series.  They have made a bracelet, pair of sandals, a necklace and even a fun floral eyepatch, all with huds to change it up! 

The flowery eyepatch is your gift at the Chapter Four now through the 20th of this month.  You can pick up these adorable sandals at the event too.  These original flowery sandals come with 6 color options, 8 floral options and 4 metals to decorate your feet! 

The Old Fair has the rest of this delightful set.  The flowery Jewelry set can be found there, with the ability to purchase separately or as a set.  The Hud changes the metals and flowers (both large and small)
 The Old fair also has something special from our friends at Kix Furniture.  The Bench and Shelter comes with with a texture change menu, allowing for a mossy, painted or bleached look.  The animations in the bench are all original to Kix.   This set comes as a  PG version (250L)  and adult (350L) verison,  You'll love the fun props this one comes with!
Pixie's Photos include:
 Outfit: Mayo Dress by Anny's Fashions  
Shoes: Flowery Sandals by Petit Chat
Jewelry (necklace, bracelet and eyepatch) Flowery Sandals by Petit Chat  
Pose: Model Pose 37 by ING
Sitting pose by Kix
Bench and Shelter by Kix