Shoot 'Em up With Salacity, plus May Project with Miss Jewell

Sometimes, you have to remind people that this pixie is hardrcore
*grins mischeviously*

You know what helps? These gacha poses from Salacity.  The Shoot 'Em Up poses can be yours, gacha style, for 15L a pull.  10 pose prizes, (Freeze, Gangster & Bond Girl Pictured, respectively) You have to check these out! So. Much. Fun.

I don't know if hardcore pixies are supposed to giggle when kicking ass and taking names, but I sure did. No one is perfect.

To play the part, I put on Miss Jewell's Black and White Floral dress.  This outfit comes with earrings and bracelets, as everyone knows--it's always important to accessorize!  This entire outfit can be yours for 1L when you find the hunt item at the storefront for the May Project Hunt.

And what would a  hardcore giggling pixie gangster bond girl be without a "I mean business" tattoo?  Runa is offering full perm a snake tattoo within the marketplace, for classic layers/avatars for 1L on the May Project hunt as well.

Careful, it bites!

Pixie's Photos Include:
Outfit: Black and white floral dress by Miss Jewell
Hair: Arden by Truth
Shoes: Ivy by KC Couture 
Tattoo: Snake (Displayed on classic avatar skin) by Runa
Tattoo, chest: Original by Tisephone
Poses: Freeze! By Salacity
Gangster Girl by Salacity
Bond Girl By Salacity