A little tied up....with Salacity

Hello Lovelies!

I've been a little tied up, you could say, with this delicious item from our friends at Salacity.

Salacity has come out with a variety of posts, to suit everyone's needs.  The one shown here, is their Polo Club Hitching post, adorned which as you can see, sits...err, hitches two lovelies  to it.  Each package includes the following:

 - 2 different sizes/configurations (Him and Her)
 - Included auto-attaching cuffs
 - Space for 2 different avatars on the double, single avatar on the single
 - 10 different solo animations, 5 for each "sitter"
 - Full XCite compatibility on every animation
 - RLV-enabled for capture

 The single version is a steal at 299L.  The double, its perfect for a group at 499L.  You'll be the hit at all the cool parties! 

Okay, you might scare a few at some parties, but you come right over to pixie's house with your fun toys and things, we'll hook you right up.

Check out Salacity's Marketplace for more great items!

Pixie is wearing:
Outfit: Scythia Harness by LAB737
Pasties (keepin it PG, yo): Black flower Pasties by ninette creations
Hair: Sparkle by Magika
Featured Furniture:
Polo Hitching Post by Salacity
Taken at Private Residence