You've got questions?  I've got answers!

Hey Pixie-

What's up with the new format?
I'm always trying to find the best way to display sponsors and events.  This may mean from time to time a little sprucing up of the old blog. 

Where do you find the items you blog about?

You can always find sponsors, needing bloggers to help advertise their awesome products and designs.

Usually, a blogger applies to "blog" an event.  They will be given "blogger boxes", which contain a blog piece and information about the store/creator.  That's one way to do it. 

I do take a break and go out venturing on my own to an event/hunt and find my own things.  Hunting/Events are kind of my thing in SL.  It's fun!

Those photos! Do you take those?

Yes.  I am still very very new at SL photography, but learning.  It's so much fun! I take the shots in world, then manipulate with Photoshop.

I have this great event! Can you come blog for it?

I am always looking for things to blog, from fashion to decor to just events in general.  Find the contact page and send me communication!