Sponsorship Information

Hello There!

This blog began in early November of 2016.  The blog has evolved from a hunt/event only to a sponsor focused blog.

My plan is for Pixie Hunts Second Life to be a place where players can come to the site to see an array of items from all sorts of designers, not just fashion!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, let's talk:

What you will get from Pixie:

  • High quality photos and posts
  • Featured narrative posts, with credits
  • Advertisement of blog both in-world and through social media venue (See follow me links)
  • Creative, ever changing fresh ideas on how to best display your product  
  • Links to your store, marketplace etc. within the narrative of the post, and the post credits

What pixie needs from sponsors:

  •  Products with information cards: The more information the better:
    • Where are you selling this?
    • Links?
    • Cost?
    • Land Impact?
    • Deadline 
  •  Contact information in case I have questions
  • Current logo of business
  • Feedback

                                            Contact me via Second Life: pixieatx Resident